pagini aurii

10.1997 – 03.2013 – IT Director @ PAGINI AURII SA / Yellow Pages Romania


IT directingManaging & stuffing IT team: hiring, roles, functions and responsibilities
IT strategy Centralization of data, processes, policies, charts, book of knowledge
Coordinate IT activity at national levelYearly and Quarterly Budget, manage vendors, IT compliance and control
IT methodologies and frameworksSynchronize IT activity in a multinational similar environment
IT suppliers’ direct negotiationsCommercial contact person – Communications, equipments, services, consume


ERPInternal Oracle platform developed ERP (Operations, Sales, Finance & Management)
Online Site4 Millions Unique Users / Day (19 clustered servers), Internal Web Hosting, on Linux
Tele Sales CRMSugar CRM distribution, adapted for specific sales purposes, on Linux
Data Center & HostingProfessional Data Center for LAN servers & WEB hosting, with Power Generator
Call CenterDID, IVR, Ticketing, Voice mailbox, Central fax & email, HW, SW redundant, on Linux
Disaster RecoverySynchronize LAN services (domain, active directory, email, ERP & finance applications)
Remote Backup SiteDatabases available on a NAS backup type solution & GFS tape solution.
HQ Central ServiceCentralized activity around HQ using MS Win 200x R2 servers & MS Win XP/7 users
WAN Country Level Coordinate 340 users in HQ+17 remote branches’ VPN, in a variety of OS & connections
Mobile OfficeEmail & ERP access through any Wireless & GSM connections, synchronize emails
HQ Wireless CoverageProfessional LAN Wireless Connectivity at HQ (150 users, 50 printers, 8 LAN servers)
Company Data Security Several internal levels of data access, both software and hardware
Web Monitor & SurveillanceLinux adapted applications (nagios, cacti, iLo) and voice, web cams & SMS alerts
PKI Enterprise CertificationDigital Certificates for servers & users, secure email, web servers & wireless
Yellow & White CD’sYellow & White Directories available on CDs & DVDs
Yellow & White PaginationYellow & White Pagination
Internal CommunicatorInternal Communicator
Linux vs. MicrosoftLinux vs. Microsoft
IT PolicyIT policy documents

03.1995 – 06.1997 – IT Team Leader @ TELEFONICA SA – IT Office


IT strategy (IT processes definition and integration with sales)
Coordinate IT activity at national level (HW & SW implementations, compliance and control)


Customers evidence and history
Billing (procedures, implementations, issuing invoices)
WAN country level for 70 users, at HQ and 10 locations with X25 connectivity
Data Security

NEI 11.1993 – 03.1995 – Computer Analyst @ Electronica SA – Management Center

01.1993 – 11.1993 – IT Manager @ ICSITEM SA – IT Center

01.1991 – 12.1992 – Computer Analyst @ ICSITEM SA – IT Center

11.1986 – 12.1990 – Computer Programmer @ ICSITEM SA – IT Center

04.1986 – 11.1986 – Computer Programmer @ MTTC – IT Center

08.1985 – 03.1986 – Computer Operator @ MTTC – IT Center